*1. Parish Council :* There will be a parish council meeting scheduled
today ,November 8,2015 at the council hall after the 4.30 p.m Mass.
All parish council members are invited to

*2.Pothuyogam : *Please note that we will have our parish
Pothuyogam on Sunday,November
22,2015 after the 4.30 p.m Mass .
Everyone please plan to attend.

*3.Congratulations:* Best wishes and congratulations to Alphonsa & Difin
Kallikattu for their baby girl,Donna Maria Difin,born on November 4,2015.

*4.Ward prayer meeting :*
(*a).St.Mary’s Ward (Ward No.2 )* prayer meeting will be held on
9,2015 at 6.00 p.m at George & Alice Thekkemannor’s residence in West

(*b). St.Joseph Ward (Ward No.1*) prayer meeting will be held on
14,2015 at 6.00 p.m at Mathews & Lisy Kallukalam’s residence in West

*All Ward members please plan to attend*.

*5. Christmas Caroling:* Christmas Caroling through the community is
scheduled to begin on Saturday,November 28,2015.The carol visits are
organized mostly on the
basis of our parish wards/units. We
will let you know about the visiting schedules later.

Wishing you God’s Blessings,

Fr. Joseph Pullikattil

Email: info@syromalabarct.org Phone: 860-325-2383