Liturgy comes from the Greek word leitourgia meaning "the work of the people" and, it is quite literally the work of the dedicated members of the mission that make worship so meaningful. The members of this ministry includes altar servers and members who helps out to set up the altar for worship.


Sacristan is responsible for keeping the sacristy in order and stocked. The sacristy is the room in which all the sacred vestments and vessels required for Qurbana are kept. In the sacristy the priest will get vested (dressed) for celebrating the Holy Qurbana. Along with the priest the altar servers will also get vested and prepared for the Qurbana. Currently the main sacristan in charge is Mr. Mathews Kallukalam.


Reading the Bible during Qurbana is really a privilege. The Lectors are representing the Holy People whom God used to write the word of God with HIS inspiration. So those who read the word of God should feel that they are doing the same way as the Holy People did. When they come to read the Bible everyone should keep this in mind. Their disposition, stature and the dress code shouldbe appropriate to the spirit of God. Lectors are responsible for reading the first or second readings beforethe gospel reading during the Qurbana. Anyone interested in becoming a lector should contact Mr.Anil Mathew.

Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist the priest before, during, and after the Holy Qurbana. Currently there are about over 10 altar servers, girls & boys together. Those who would like to be an Altar server, Our church is inviting grades 4 and up boys and girls to contact Miss Steffy George for further details.