*1. Children’s Rosary :* Please join us tomorrow,February 28th and March
6th at 4.10 P.M in the Church for Children’s Rosary. This is a wonderful
way to prepare for Mass.

*2. Feast of St.Joseph:* We will be celebrating the feast of St.Joseph in
our Church on Sunday,March 6,2016. The actual feast is March 19. St.Joseph
Ward members are the sponsors of the feast. Everyone please plan to attend.

*3. Parish council meeting:* There will be a parish council meeting on
next Sunday
March 6,2016 at the education wing of the Church hall.All parish council
members are requested to attend the meeting.

*4. Financial Support :* The members of the Indian Orthodox Church will be
coming this Sunday to our Church for financial support for their newly
acquired Church facility in Newington.

*5. Community Seminar :* Men’s Forum will be hosting a community seminar on
the topics of Wills and Trust, Strategies for efficient tax planning in the
Church hall on Sunday March 13 at 6.00P.M. Please mark your calendar.

*6. Congratulations :* Best wishes and congratulations to Dr.Bibbin Tom
Paul and Dr.Teesa Kuruvila of St.Alphonsa Ward for their baby girl, Rosa
Teresa Tom born on February 4,2016.

Wishing you God’s Blessings,

Fr. Joseph Pullikattil

Email: info@syromalabarct.org Phone: 860-325-2383