1. Feast & Novena: For the third Sunday of Novena in honor of St.Alphonsa will be held on July 12,2015 after the 4.30 Mass. Special thanks to Mr.Arun & Deepa for sponsoring this Sunday’s liturgy and refreshments.

2. Special Meeting : There will be a meeting of all the office bearers of our Mission namely Women’s Forum, Men’s Forum and DYA along with our parish council members scheduled for this Sunday, July 12,2015 to plan for our parish picnic. All members are invited to attend this meeting.

3. Prayer Meeting: St.Mary’s ward prayer meeting will be held at Shaji & Leena Parippallil’s house on coming Tuesday July 14th at 6.30p.m. All ward members please plan to join.

Wishing you God’s Blessings,

Fr. Joseph Pullikattil
www.syromalabarct.org Email: info@syromalabarct.org Phone: 860-325-2383