1.Feast of St.Chavara : We will be celebrating the feast of St.Kuriakose Elias Chavara in our Church this Sunday January 24th.All the families of St.Chavara Ward are the sponsors of the feast. Everyone please plan to attend.

2.Greetings from Fr. Crowley : Rev. Joseph P. Crowley, pastor of St.Helena and St.Brigit Churches in West Hartford will meet us this Sunday at 4.25 p.m before the Mass. So everyone please come little early and gather at the Church of St.Helena around 4.20 p.m.

3.First Friday’s for 2016 & Friday’s in Lent : There are first Friday’s available for 2016 and Friday’s in Lent. Please contact me or trustees If you would like to sponsor any of these Friday Masses and adoration or stations of the cross.

4.Lenten Retreat: Our Lenten retreat will be on February 19,20 & 21 ( Fri,Sat & Sun ) at the Church of St.Helena. Fr.Thomas Sunil Aenekatt V.C, Director of Divine Prayer Center,Washington, NJ & DMHC team will lead the retreat. Please mark your calendar.

5.Bishop Appeal 2015: We got the the 2015 Bishop Appeal letter from our diocese very late.Please take one and return it with your contribution next week.Please support generously.

6.Bible Quiz 2016 : We are planning to have a Bible Quiz for our CCD students and another one based on our 7 Wards.Details will be announced later.

7.Thaikkudam Bridge : The special committee for Thaikkudam Bridge will gather for their first meeting on Sunday January 24 at the Church Hall.

8.Thank you !!! A special word of thanks and appreciation to all who make the Christmas & New year celebrations so wonderful.

Wishing you God’s Blessings,
Fr. Joseph Pullikattil